High-Impact Replacement Parts

Our high-performance replacement products are designed to extend service life, bringing greater value to the field. That’s why all of our components are engineered with advanced nanograde composites that reduce friction and increase overall resistance to wear, tear and abrasion.

Fortified Valves
and Seats

Our engineers have successfully designed a new generation of valves and seats that last 40 percent longer than competitors. Vulcan’s latest generation of valves and seats are made using a single-piece forged design with a proprietary urethane compound that’s field-proven to last longer, slashing your fleet’s valve and seat spend.

Valve and
Seat Specs


Single-piece forged design for more durability, strength and resilience

Proprietary urethane compound provides increased operating life, abrasion resistance and reduced risk of washout

Wing-guided valves with optimized mass and geometry to aid in fluid flow and pumping efficiency

Valve and seat metallurgy and heat treatment refined for increased toughness and abrasion resistance

Engineered for use in most fluid ends, available in P4 and P5 sizes with industry standard taper geometry

Valve and Seat

Valves and Seats

Ready to bring more value to your frac by utilizing Vulcan's ultra-durable valves and seats? Our representatives are standing by to answer your questions and find the best ways to add value to your fleet.

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Packing Power

Vulcan high-performance packing components utilize a field-tested design that includes more powerful materials and a more precise manufacturing process, bringing more strength and reliability than the decades-old fabric layering method.

Packing Specs


Higher wear, tear, abrasion and chemical resistance

Fabric design that is self-mending

12% higher resistance to chemicals like hydrochloric acid



Looking to learn more about how Vulcan packing components can bring long-lasting performance to your operation? The representatives at Vulcan are standing by to answer your questions.

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Packing Power

with Resilience

Plungers take continual abuse from sand, corrosion and consistent mechanical wear throughout their lifespan. But our plungers are coated in tungsten carbide to greatly reduce porosity and improve resilience, making them the most wear-resistant plungers on the market today.

Plunger Specs


Coated in tungsten carbide

40% greater wear resistance than traditional nickel-coated components

Advanced coating fusion process that yields ultra-low porosity

  • V-Series™: <0.4% Porosity
  • Competitor 6% Porosity

400% thicker diffusion zone than competing plungers

Optimized low-friction surface finish for extended packing life



Interested in how you can significantly reduce your replacement parts spend by switching to Vulcan plungers? Reach out to one of our representatives and ask how our expendables can bring longer life, less maintenance and more value to your operation.

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In-Stock Replacement Parts

Vulcan keeps a large inventory of replacement parts in your area of operation
to keep you ready for anything.

  • Valves
  • Seats
  • Hammer Union Seals
  • Gauge Port Retainer Nuts
  • Valve Spring Retainers
  • Suction Covers
  • Discharge Flanges
  • Packing Kits
  • Plungers
  • Packing Nuts
  • Service Tools
  • Boss Seals
  • D-rings
  • Fasteners
  • Many Other Component Parts

Vulcan also provides on-site replacement parts via consignment so you always have what you need.

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