Precision When It Matters Most.

When defending our nation, citizens, and way of life, get precision manufacturing from Vulcan Industrial.

Dominate the Field

Being tough on yourself in the moment makes things easier when it counts. That's why Vulcan Industrial prides itself on the most rigorous precision manufacturing standards for mission-critical aerospace and defense components. From the battlefield to the friendly skies, expect more from Vulcan, no matter the application.

  • Rocket components and warheads
  • Specialty aircraft parts
  • Specialized large-scale metalwork
  • Tight tolerance gun turret components
  • Custom drone parts
  • High-performance mechanical components

Exacting Execution

You know what it takes to deliver an advantage in the field. Let Vulcan Industrial show you how we can meet your specifications and give them next-level execution through precision manufacturing, demanding quality control measures, consistent responsiveness, and fast turnaround times. We have a reputation for delivering rigorous dimensional requirements over massive components. All are made at our world-class ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facilities.

In-House Specialists

From full-time dedicated metallurgy to robust multidisciplinary engineering capabilities, Vulcan has the specialized expertise to manufacture components consistently for exceptional performance. We're renowned for our diverse expertise with hands-on knowledge that pays off. With a staff composed of 30 percent engineers, from sales to manufacturing, every person who touches your project is an experienced professional who understands the demands of your work.

Trusted Partnerships

Vulcan Industrial provides critical aerospace and defense components to several leading entities, including the United States Navy, a UK-based provider of advanced defense technology BAE systems, and many others whose sourcing relationships are kept confidential through strict non-disclosure agreements. Qualified to manufacture precision components for any aerospace application or theater of combat, we encourage prospective customers to request recommendations and find out firsthand why we're known for bringing more to any project.

Trusted Partnerships

How can we help take your field performance to the next level? Reach out to your Vulcan Industrial engineering team and let us know.

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