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Mission Critical Solutions.

From energy to defense and beyond, Vulcan is dedicated to high-performance engineering and service that make progress possible.

Based in Houston, we specialize in the engineering, designing, and manufacturing mission-critical parts and components throughout various industries. Our intensive R&D process, focusing on advanced material science and innovative problem solving, delivers more robust performance and consistent results in the development process. This allows us to consistently raise expectations on every project we work on—from fluid ends to gun turrets.

Engineering and Service for Ground, Air and Space

We bring reliable solutions to clients through responsive service and powerful applications, mixing aerospace and defense design rigor with a commitment to our clients. That’s why our products stand out in the oilfield—and it’s why Vulcan engineering outperforms and outlasts the competition.

Vulcan Racing


The Vulcan Racing Team not only satisfies our competitive needs but also builds a community of high-performance engineers.

Vulcan Defense V02


The US Navy trusts our expertise and engineering for advanced defense systems.

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Vulcan Aerospace V02


Vulcan provides precision manufacturing for major aerospace players.

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About oil and gas


We deliver innovative solutions and industry-leading ROI for critical oilfield equipment.

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Global Stewardship

Strong performance starts with protecting those who make our operation possible. That's why we pride ourselves on responsible Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) stewardship that includes designing products that last longer, use less material, and can be reusable. We believe ESG stewardship and accountability should be traced to each individualand developed through a culture that encourages making responsible long-term decisions for our clients, communities, and the environment.

Focused on Service

Our team boasts a powerful blend of field experience and engineering expertise, andwe pride ourselves in delivering best-in-class service. With a team of over 30% degreed engineers, we pride ourselves in combining top engineering across multiple industries with the steadfast service that our customers have come to expect.

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