Vulcan Valves and Seats

Slash your fleet's valve and seat spend with these ultra-durable parts.

We challenged our engineers to design valves and seats that give you more—and they delivered. Vulcan’s latest generation of valves and seats are made using a single-piece forged design with a proprietary urethane compound that’s field-proven to deliver 40 percent longer life. That’s right: 40 percent.

  1. Single-piece forged design for more durability, strength and resilience
  2. Proprietary urethane compound provides increased operating life, abrasion resistance and reduced risk of washout
  3. Wing-guided valves with optimized mass and geometry to aid in fluid flow and pumping efficiency
  4. Valve and seat metallurgy and heat treatment refined for increased toughness and abrasion resistance
  5. Engineered for use in most fluid ends, available in P4 and P5 sizes with industry standard taper geometry

Longer life. Less maintenance. More value. Expect nothing less from Vulcan valves and seats.

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More Products

Fluid end icon


Compatible with Gardner Denver GD2500Q and 2250T, SPM QWS2500 and TWS2250 (8-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps.

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Fluid end sentinel


Made for FMC WQ2700, WQ3000, WQ3500 or equivalent pumps.

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Fluid end evo series


Next generation fluid end design, built for severe duty frac applications, reducing operations R&M spend and providing industry-leading total cost of ownership metrics.

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Fluid end atlas


Specified for Gardner Denver C2500 BHP / 17,800 psi, Valtek 3000, Forum 3000v (8-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps

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Fluid end apex


Run on SPM QWS1000S, MSI QI-1000, MSI QIH-1000, GD 1000Q HD (6-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps.

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