V-Series™ Next Generation Fluid End Technology

Next-generation fluid end technology, V-series products deliver best-in-class reliability, longevity and field serviceability features.

Vulcan Industrial’s ICON® and ATLAS® products have saved our customers millions over the years through longer life and reduced maintenance. But we were driven to do more. The result? The new ICON and ATLAS V-Series™. These re-engineered evolutions offer designs that eliminate the most common failure modes of legacy fluid ends, providing field serviceability features allowing the operator to keep fluid ends running longer with less expense. They were developed with the goal of lessening downtime and decreasing customers' total cost of ownership.

V-Series fluid ends represent the leading edge of fluid end technology, pairing enduring reliability with the kind of intelligent economization today's industry demands.

Design Features:

  • Low-stress cross bore geometry with specialized anti-fatigue surface treatment for extended service life
  • Monoblock forging construction utilizing Vulcan’s Advanced Stainless™—the Industry’s toughest stainless steel material, engineered specifically for high-intensity hydraulic fracturing and pressure pumping fluid end applications
  • Field serviceable sleeved packing bore design with patent-pending quick-access packing bore wear sleeve retainer system allowing rapid field repair of washed out packing bores and damaged packing nut threads
  • Sleeved packing bore design allows for fast and inexpensive plunger size conversion, without having to remove the fluid end from the pump
  • Modular suction cover retainer system which eliminates fluid end thread peeling and allows for rapid repairs to damaged suction cover retainer threads on site and on pump
  • No complex bolt together connection plates mean faster mount up with no special tools or training needed
  • 50% fewer component parts per fluid end assembly compared to alternative competitor designs, for simplified field maintenance

V-Series™ Fluid Ends

  1. ICON V-Series™ (Quintuplex) 2500HP pumps with 8” stroke 54.25” width with 10” centers
  2. ICON V-Series™ (Triplex) 2250HP with 8” stroke 40.00” width with 12” centers
  3. ATLAS V-Series™ (Quintuplex) 2500–3000HP with 8” stroke 60.00” width with 12” centers

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