The industry's highest-performing fluid end for FMC WQ2700, WQ3000 and WQ3500 (10-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps.

When the pressure is on, every second counts. That’s why the engineers at Vulcan designed the SENTINEL® (WQ2700 / WQ3000 / WQ3500) with a patent pending field serviceable sleeved packing bore design. This design feature has a huge impact on maximizing uptime and streamlining maintenance. Pressure pumpers can quickly repair worn out packing bores and seized or damaged packing nuts in the field without ever taking the fluid end off the pump. The result is maximum fluid end operating life and reduced non-productive time on the job site.

Like Vulcan’s other high-performance fluid ends, the SENTINEL was created specifically for high-intensity hydraulic fracturing applications. Vulcan's proprietary Advanced Stainless™ fluid end forging material means the SENTINEL is able to deliver maximum corrosion resistance under high-proppant loads and the most severe pumping conditions. When it comes to long life, low maintenance and simplicity in the field, the SENTINEL always has your back, made in the USA with meticulous standards of quality and precision.

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Sentinel Fluid End

SENTINEL® Fluid End Specs

Sentinel Fluid End
  1. Quintuplex: 58.75-inch block (10.50-inch centers)
  2. Available in 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0-inch plunger sizes
  3. Design-optimized geometry reduces cross-bore and suction seat deck stresses
  4. Field serviceable sleeved packing gland allowing for fast repairs of washouts
  5. Proprietary machining practices and surface treatments that extend fatigue life
  6. Constructed from Vulcan's proprietary Advanced Stainless™ mono block forging

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