ICON® Fluid End

Run longer and stronger on GD2500Q & 2250T, SPM QWS2500 & TWS2250 (8-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps.

Engineered to improve longevity and fight fatigue, the ICON® fluid end is made to withstand the harshest field service while delivering consistently strong value. The product of dozens of powerful design and material refinements, this direct drop-in is built to exacting precision and some of the most rigorous quality standards.

The ICON® is engineered for absolute maximum run life and truly is an icon representing a new standard in field performance and economics. Plus, each unit comes with the superior service and hands-on support for which Vulcan is known. Make the most of your fleet, and your time in the field, with this well engineered workhorse.

Icon Fluid End

ICON® Fluid End Specs

Icon Fluid End
  1. Quintuplex: 54.25-inch fluid end (10-inch centers); Triplex: 40-inch fluid end (12-inch centers)
  2. Available in 4”, 4.5” and 5” plunger sizes
  3. Valve-over-valve design for simplified maintenance
  4. Design-optimized geometry minimizes cross bore and suction deck stresses
  5. Proprietary machining practices and surface treatments that extend life
  6. High-performance Advanced Stainless mono-block forging

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