ATLAS® Fluid End

Bring longer life and greater efficiency to Gardner Denver C2500, VALTEK 3000, FORUM 3000 (8-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps.

With innovative enhancements that improve longevity, and an eye toward ease of operation and maintenance, the ATLAS® 2500/3000 HP fluid end does more with less. By simplifying field service, the ATLAS can transform fleet efficiency and reduce NPT. All made in the USA with some of the most demanding quality standards in the industry.

The ATLAS is engineered for modern-day, high-intensity hydraulic fracturing operations. Don’t settle for less. Maximize fluid end longevity and fleet pumping performance with Vulcan’s ATLAS 2500/3000 HP high performance line of fluids ends.

Atlas Fluid End

ATLAS® Fluid End Specs

Atlas Fluid End
  1. Quintuplex: 60-inch fluid end (12-inch centers)
  2. Available in 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0-inch plunger sizes
  3. Valve-over-valve design for simplified maintenance
  4. Design-optimized geometry minimizes cross-bore and suction seat deck stresses
  5. Proprietary machining practices and surface treatments that extend life
  6. High-performance Advanced Stainless™ mono-block forging

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