APEX™ Fluid End

Go longer and save with the ultimate fluid end for SPM QWS1000S, MSI QI-1000, MSI QIH-1000, GD 1000Q HD (6-inch stroke) or equivalent pumps.

Run life. Operating efficiency. Maintenance costs. Oilfield service providers are under more pressure than ever to optimize all aspects of fluid end economics. That’s why the APEX™ fluid end was engineered specifically to reduce the total cost of ownership by both outlasting and outperforming alternatives.

The APEX features optimized cross-bore geometry that stands up to the pressure, as well as proprietary surface treatments that help better maintain integrity. In combination, these features work to eliminate stress corrosion cracking and fatigue failures for extended cycle life and better economics.

These units also accept all commonly available loose components such as packing replacement sets, valves, seats, bore seals and more. So you can standardize fleetwide for less inventory and more supply chain efficiency. And like all Vulcan fluid ends, its Advanced Stainless™ construction means you get more life in the field.

APEX Fluid End

APEX™ Fluid End Specs

APEX Fluid End
  1. 47.5-inch Block Length (9-inch centers)
  2. Available in 2.75, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5-inch plunger sizes
  3. Optimized across-bore geometry
  4. Proprietary surface treatment
  5. Loose component standardization
  6. Advanced Stainless™ forging

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