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If you want maximum value from your fleet, you need the kind of service you can only get from Vulcan.

Strong service surrounding your fluid ends and associated components can make all the difference to productivity and profitability. Vulcan goes above and beyond to deliver a level of personal service, commitment, flexibility and responsiveness never before seen in hydraulic fracturing equipment.

Concierge Field Trials

Vulcan Industrial’s superior service starts before you even make a fleet-wide purchase. To help you experience the performance difference, and ensure that no aspect of your trial interferes with everyday operation, Vulcan sends a degreed engineer on site to accompany all field trials. We also provide you with extensive data, documentation and reporting so you can make the best possible equipment decision for your fleet.

Repairs and Reengineering

We also unlock trapped value from hardware you already own. Vulcan can send a technician to examine used equipment for a repair economics determination, as well as to explore savings by reengineering hardware for alternate powerframes. And with all of these services, we take care of all related logistics to make everything easy.

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Fluid End Rentals

Today’s fleets are looking for more ways to reduce CAPEX than ever. That’s why Vulcan Industrial provides lease options that help reduce working capital, lower maintenance costs and de-risk utilization. This program allows operators to:

  • Reduce capital and eliminate fluid end related inventory
  • Eliminate repair logistics and tracking
  • Improve safety and job efficiency
  • Reduce headcount or reassign personnel
  • Get total transparency

On-site Parts Consignment

Vulcan Industrial provides on-site replacement parts and restocking supplies staged within your area of operation, for more uptime and peace of mind. With weekly inventory counts that keep you ready to go, you’ll always have what you need:

  • Valves
  • Seats
  • Hammer Union Seals
  • D-rings
  • Gauge Port Retainer Nuts
  • Valve Spring Retainers
  • Suction Covers
  • Discharge Flanges
  • Boss Seals
  • Plungers
  • Packing Nuts
  • Packing Kits
  • Service Tools
  • Many Other Component Parts

Is there another way your fluid end provider could deliver better service in the field? Reach out to your Vulcan Industrial engineer and let’s talk about it.

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