A Lasting Legacy of Fluid Ends

For years our fluid ends have brought value to the field by delivering powerful and focused solutions that address our customers’ specific challenges. Today, these legacy fluid ends are still running strong, bringing higher operating efficiency and lower maintenance costs to oilfield service providers across the country. Contact one of our representatives to learn more.


The ICON is engineered to deliver consistent and strong value by design—improving longevity and fighting fatigue cracking in order to withstand the harshest field service. To learn how the ICON fits into your operation, reach out to one of our representatives today.

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ATLAS Fluid End


The ATLAS is built with consistency and value in mind, undergoing the most demanding quality standards in the industry to deliver greater longevity and ease of maintenance. Reach out to one of our reps today and make the ATLAS a part of your fleet.

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The SENTINEL is designed to maximize operating life and minimize non-productive time. The engineers at Vulcan designed the SENTINEL with field serviceability in mind, including a sleeved packing bore to streamline maintenance so that pressure pumpers can make repairs in the field without removing the fluid end from the pump.

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The APEX utilizes an optimized cross-bore geometry and proprietary surface treatment to help better maintain fluid end integrity. These features work in tandem to eliminate stress corrosion cracking and fatigue failures commonly seen in the field. Reach out to one of our representatives today and ask if the APEX would be the best fluid end for you.

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