Exceptional wear resistance in the harshest pumping environments

Purpose-built to take on the challenges of high-intensity pressure pumping operations. Utilizing state of the art design, manufacturing and materials. CORDEX sets the new standard for pump packing performance. High-intensity pressure pumping operations wear out critical pumping equipment sealing interfaces faster than ever before. The industry need for a higher performing pump packing solution has necessitated a new approach to frac pump plunger packing construction methods and material selection.

VULCAN CORDEX packing is engineered to outperform in the most severe high-pressure, high-proppant load pumping applications. Testing has shown it to outlast the incumbent by at least 2X and reduce the occurrences of packing bore washouts. Meaning more uptime for your pressure pumping fleet, reduced non-productive time on the jobsite and less expenses related to costly fluid end washout repairs and/or fluid end replacements.

Designed for high pressure and harsh pumping conditions


  • CORDEX packing is constructed with the industry's highest performing and field-proven materials
  • Exceptional wear resistance providing increased equipment up-time
  • Reduced occurrences of leakage/wash out in fluid end packing bores
  • Designed specifically for high-intensity/high-proppant load pressure pumping operations
  • Soft packing and complete kits available for most commonly used fluid ends



Extended service life at reduced cost
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