Vulcan Advanced Stainless steel is the culmination of years of metallurgical research and development and represents the pinnacle of stainless steel frac pump fluid end material technology. Developed to address the deficiencies inherent to commonly used industry standard precipitation hardened stainless steel grades and to boost critical mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and fracture toughness. As a truly unique material offering, Vulcan is proud to offer its Advanced Stainless steel as an option on all our fluid ends.
Advanced Stainless was engineered to withstand the harshest pressure pumping conditions service companies will experience both today and in the future. The metallurgical deficiencies found with commonly used stainless steels include segregated areas at the forging core with detrimental metallic inclusions, such as delta-ferrite and niobium carbo-nitrides. These segregations and inclusions can weaken the steel and lead to premature fluid end failures, such as fractures and wash outs. Vulcan Advanced Stainless completely eliminates these deficiencies while simultaneously improving the critical mechanical properties that directly influence fluid end longevity.

At Vulcan, we only source mission-critical fluid end forgings from the most trusted names in the steel industry. Vulcan Advanced Stainless is unmatched among our competitors because of our stringent focus on quality and dedication to achieving metallurgical superiority. Vulcan Advanced Stainless is the cleanest, strongest, and most corrosion resistant material available for hydraulic fracturing pump fluid ends.

Vulcan Advanced Stainless Provides:

  • Maximum corrosion resistance
  • Enhanced abrasion and washout resistance
  • Nearly flawless micro-cleanliness
  • Increased strength
  • Off the charts Charpy values
  • Fracture toughness triple that of competitors stainless, even at subzero temperatures



Engineered Tough for the Most Severe Frac Applications
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