About Vulcan

VULCAN Industrial Holdings (VULCAN) is a precision engineering, manufacturing, and machining company dedicated to producing high-performance, mission-critical components and solutions for the energy, defense, aerospace, and heavy industrial industries.

Our mission is always targeted on precision, and our manufacturing experience far exceeds any competitor in the market. VULCAN works with the United States Navy in conjunction with other major U.S. defense contractors to produce classified designs for mission-critical applications and products possessing some of the tightest tolerances and QA/QC requirements in the world. This experience, coupled with military grade classification compliance, and experience working across industries, materials, and product lines, allows VULCAN to bring a depth of differentiated knowledge to the oilfield industry.

VULCAN utilizes unique designs, surface treatments and finishes, as well as advanced metallurgies, to create products that outperform the current industry standard.
With over 70 years of accumulated engineering and manufacturing experience, VULCAN’s team is dedicated to producing cost-competitive, durable, and optimized fluid ends and component parts for the oil and gas industry. Achieving field performance superiority is a never-ending mission at VULCAN. We are committed to delivering our customers better equipment, better results, and innovative solutions.